About Us 
Iverify Africa was established in 2021 after extensive research was done around online scams, fraud and corruption Iverify Africa are committed to long-term relationships with clients based on excellence, professionalism, honesty as well as shared expertise; Iverify Africa provides total quality, cost effective and timely solutions and Iverify Africa developed products to satisfy the online verification business needs of their clients.

Iverify Africa offers services that are rooted in both technology and management know-how. In its field of specialization, the company have established a track record of soundness, innovation and commitment to the successful implementation of our online verification platforms.

At Iverify Africa we believe that the fundamental human rights as prescribed to by the first world are indeed the real rights of every person in Africa. However, we do acknowledge that Individual, Family, Community and Economic Rights are the entitlement of those prepared to pay the price and reap the rewards of their own honest efforts. Merely being committed to - is not enough: we uplift and empower; we do not sympathize, we empathize and unlike those who hope for, we actually deliver.

Iverify Africa is At WAR against Fraud , Corruption and Scams.We focus on Verification /Certification Leadership Training and Development, Education, SMME Support and New Business Development.

We don't just speak about empowerment, poverty alleviation and economic upliftment ; we provide real resources and infrastructure to make such a reality. Our services include: the provision of affordable products and services to SMME's and coporate businesses.Iverify Africa provides revolutionized online verification services that are accessible and affordable to all.

Our Team
Our team consist of industry specialist who are highly qualified in their respective fields and is passionate about delivering service excellence.

Iverify Africa is a leading community of business leaders and entrepreneurs in South Africa seeking to start and grow their own profitable and successful businesses. Our team comprises of 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs and mentors who have been doing business for over 10 years in several sectors, including software, consulting, apps, eCommerce, and others. At
Iverify Africa, we are dedicated to helping you build  a trusted business that is not only exciting , but profitable too.

Through the direction of our two co-founders, Iverify Africa teaches and assists you to build a company that can is verified and trusted and can insha Allah sustain you and your family for a lifetime.